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Putnam Arts

I just got back from Putnam County where they held a screening for their arts program. It was great to meet up with everyone and screen the film at a HUGE FARM (that was a new but great setting)! It was beautiful and during the screening (I've seen the movie a few times) I drove around and met some pretty funny people working at the local Applebees. They had seen the movie on Cinemax so we talked for a bit and then I headed back to speak after the screening. A lot of people in my hometown should remember my high school is doing a screening (at Hendrick Hudson in Westchester, NY) on the 29th.

Ejoy your Saturday night.


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I want to congratulate you on all of your succcess. Is it true you are working on a film in Japan?

Hi Andrew,
I want to congratulate and commend you for your work on this film. It is such an important topic yet it gets so little recognition and attention.
I look forward to your screening here at Hen Hud.
Best of luck and continued success in all your future ventures! It's wonderful to see a former student do so well!
Mrs. Vespo
Blue Mt. Middle School

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