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Older Population to More than Double!



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Hi Andrew,

I just wanted to tell you I work in an Aging and Health Center in Philadelphia and I saw Room 335. I laughed, I cried, and couldn't help but think "he needs to be a gerontologist!" I loved the film so much. Everyone is very excited to see it as our research deals with everything aging...

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I am a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner in Asheville, NC and read about your adventure in "Caring for the Ages" (a publication for long term care providers). I shared the film story with my son who is 20 and in college and who has had benefit of life with his grandparents and especially his grandfather (my father in law) who lived with us for 3 years with Alzheimer's disease. I have a more than 30 year history of work in nursing with elders and the experience of life with elders from a country upbringing characterized by multigenerational life as a child coupled with a continued feeling that being seen is the most important part of being alive leads me to appreciate the importance of your film and to be happy for you in your experience of connection with persons who are more than a diagnosis or an age.

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