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Move to Southern Russia

I had dinner last night and learned some really interesting things.

Apparently in the early 1970’s a world-renowned physician Alexander Leaf wrote an article about the world’s healthiest and most long-living people. What he discovered is really interesting.

‘Certainly no area in the world,” Leaf wrote, ‘has the reputation for long-lived people to match that of the Caucasus in southern Russia.’ That’s right! Southern Russia. Said one author John Robbins, ‘where people are healthier at ninety than most are at middle age.’! Now why is my first question: there is obviously nothing that one can specifically point to. Some of it seems to be a simple science: because of the high altitude and the tough terrain many walk on a regular basis, thus they have an enhanced amount of oxygen reaching their hearts. The doctor also noted that there is no ‘retirement age’. In fact, you work until you physically are unable to do so! However their ‘work’ is vastly different thatn our approach: in Abkhasian work does not include deadlines and there is no sense of rush. Obviously that’s hard to conceive where we come from (especially here in NYC). This author wrote, ‘In Abkhasian people are esteemed and seen as beautiful in their old age. Silver hair and wrinkles are viewed as signs of wisdom, maturity, and long years of service. In Abkhasian it would be considered an insult to be told that you are looking young. People there compliment each other by saying ‘You are looking old today, meaning that the person is wise and beautiful in their maturity.’

Wow! There are 3 other places that I will talk about this week.


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