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June 07, 2007

Australia, Holland, and Beyond

Hello all....it's been a long time and hopefully we're still getting blog visitors. Apparently, we're slowly continuing to get fans of the movie join our mailing list so if you haven't done so yet please do--on the front page there is an icon to 'join mailing list'.

Before anything, I want to mention that there is a very cool festival going on in Holland right now. http://vredevanutrecht.com/wijzijn17/2007/05/07/room-335/ It's a festival for young filmmakers and unfortunately it was scheduled for the same exact time as this festival. I was asked to be on the jury panel and I really hope I am asked again next year as I hope to collaborate this festival with the Hendrick Hudson Film Festival--a high school film fest I started with Tom Oliva back in my hometown. The movies are all orientated for teens/young adults and is a great way to encourage my age bracket to get into filmmaking. I know that we get quite a few blog visitors from Amsterdam so please try and check out the films at this festival. They have a great program and I am told, is in a beautiful part of the country. www.wijzijn17.nu

I am in Australia right now promoting Room 335. So far, it's been great. I arrived early this morning and met my mom at the airport as well as a very nice festival employee, Claire, who is also a production designer here in the land down under.

Room 335 will play on Saturday followed by a seminar about the making of the movie. Tomorrow, I'll be on Triple J, Australia's top radio station, to co-host the morning show. Jonah and I were asked to select 5 characters from the movie, and 5 songs that would best represent who they are. So Triple J (what a great name for a radio station) will play those 5 songs tomorrow while I co-host. Rather than give away what the songs are, I am going to find a way to get a copy of the radio show and post it on the blog. Tomorrow, they'll be some more press including a video podcast which I'll also provide a link to so that you can walk around and watch it on your iPod--much better than an espisoe of Lost. Within a couple of weeks there will also be a short video about my stay here and how people reacted to the movie. From here on out, I will be posting every week and hopefully this week I will be posting every day or every other day. Still no word on when the movie will be playing on TV in the States but it will happen eventually!

Thanks to everyone. Best wishes, Andrew