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April 04, 2007


Hello Everyone!

I am in Japan making a new documentary. This film tracks Bobby Valentine, an American baseball coach who has become a national icon in Japan. The movie is a fusion of Mr. Baseball and Lost in Translation. I will document Bobby’s team, the Chiba Lotte Marines, for a seven-month span. The movie will premire on TV and possibly in theathers next March. I've been here in Japan for a few weeks now and it is an absolutely amazing country.

Room 335 will be premiering in late 2007 on TV, pending a book that I will be writing. I will be sure to get the blog rolling once that time starts to roll around. I promise DVD's will be on sale soon. Until then, I will provide the occassional update.

I am really excited and hope that everyone continues to visit the site! Email Libby!

I should also say that I have posted the comments that everyone has written the past few months.