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February 01, 2007

just hanging out

What's up Everyone,

There is very little for me to update you on. Nah, just kidding. There's always stuff:


I'd love to know what those characters mean.

I just talked to Libby on the phone. I had to call twice, the first time she thought I was trying to sell her something. I really want to visit her. She asks me every time, 'when are you coming down?'. It's hard for them to be that far but it's just a plane trip, or a 24 hour car ride. So perhaps it's time for another visit....

Last time we went, Bill was walking to the Dollar Store. It must be weird to go back there--new people, new staff, probably not the Harbor Place we all came to love. Or you know what, maybe it is; just with a whole different group of superstars. Although nobody will EVER replace Bill and Tammy....certainly a fact.

If anyone is out there, send some mail to Libby through our website...she would love a shout out.

Regardless, the second I know anything about anything I will post. Once we have a date when this movie finally premiers we'll really get this blog rockin'. And I mean rockin'. 2007 is OUR year.

Thanks for the support