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December 26, 2006

Year In Review

About one year ago today we were just finding out that Room 335 would be premiering at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Little did we know of what was to come...

Jonah and I packed our bags, made about 200 postcards advertising the movie, created a few classic Bill hawaii shirts (including the website on the back), and made a few copies of the movie for some sort of 'press room'. The next morning we did a local morning NBC show and then ran the streets trying to get people at our screenings. It was a great time; we were hungry and completely unsure of what exactly a festival was.

In 2007 I plan on writing more on this blog. I will do extensive writing for the 45 days that leads up to the film's premiere on TV....that will happen in 2007.

As '06 closes someone sent this link to me. Look at who was rated #3 in documentaries that came out this year.


Thanks guys