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July 19, 2006

Live until your 1,000

What an article:


And in the meantime....

I am still color correcting Room 335. I have now seen the film over 1,000 times I think. It's hard to really follow it at this point. I know every line, every momevement, every title card by heart--I could recite the movie while standing on my head if you woke me up at 3:20 in the morning...The problem with this is that you lose the tempo, format, and core of what your own film stands for. It takes time to establish these variables but it takes even longer to know them so well that you can no longer grasp your own story. As I watch the film now, I think about the friends I made and regret deeply that I haven't visited recently--I think it's time to say hi again to the folks at Harbor Place. I need to go by the end of the summer. I just got back some pix from when I visited Bill and the gang earlier in the spring--so maybe I can get our computer techy to post them up.

Don't be afraid to post but please no more "special websites". This is a movie about the elderly, common people.

Loyal Fans

Well it's 3PM and I am sitting in NYC at Full Frame Studios, completing some last color corrections for Room 335. It's looking pretty good. We'e doing sound mixing next week and before you know it, we are done with editing. We have been going strong now for about a year so it's strange to see the actual film lock up.

Jonah and I are traveling back and forth fom PA. Hopefully, we can soon put together a site for this new documentay (titled temporaily Professor Rugby). And for those Room 335 fans there is going to be so many updates and news very soon...it will really make up for our lack of communication on the blog these past couple of months. But I am going to start posting daily again--even if it bores you to tears...

In related news, check this out:


July 09, 2006

ticketing old people for taking too long

Jonah and I have been busy here in PA shooting our next documentary. It's about an incredible juvenille detention center called Glen Mills and a group of teachers (who all also happen to play on the best rugby team in the country) that work their tail off to be unbelievable mentors and top of the line athletes.


Good news on the way with Andrew Jenks, Room 335! The best televison channel, and maybe even theaters...