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April 26, 2006


We play in Dallas this weekend!

Part video diary and part social experiment, aspiring young filmmaker Andrew Jenks’ documentary covers the 36 days he spent living among the elderly residents of the Harbor Place assisted living facility in Port St. Lucie, Florida. During his residency, the 19-year-old director befriends and bonds with many of his subjects, including sprightly 95-year-old Tammy Signorile, cantankerous Libby Smith, and affable 80-year-old Bill Delarm (including a tour of his extensive Hawaiian shirt collection). Jenks identifies with and was therefore able to fit in with the elderly residents – society’s outsiders and outcasts. When the filmmakers depart at the end of their project, both profilers and subjects have been changed by the encounter. Insightful and frequently very funny, the film manages to avoid being a stunt, instead offering a unique and thought-provoking look at how our society marginalizes its seniors, and will leave viewers wondering if there isn’t a better way. 90 mins. In attendance: director Andrew Jenks.
Presented in partnership with the Institute for Interesting People.

--USA FILM FESTIVAL, dallas texas


April 21, 2006


J-man and I are in Palm Beach for tomorrow's screening at 4:15.

We have pictures from Santa Barbara here (over 2 months ago now)--and will have pictures from about 4-5 other fests coming by the end of this month. More from our SB trip for the next week. For now, all pix are from SB--our first film fest. Some big announcements coming up in the next week--including new website details.


April 15, 2006


I can tell everyone that we will be seeing Bill, Tammy, and the gang this weekend. Should we film the reunion?

Who wants Bill's autograph?

April 09, 2006

Sacramento Win

At the Sacramento International Film Festival Andrew Jenks, Room 335 WON Best Documentary and Audience Award!

Jonah and I were just in Providence and then Boston. Fun audience and it was at midnight so the crowd was great.

April 06, 2006



Hi Folks

We will be at the Ivy League Film Festival this weekend in Providence--get the chance to catch up with some old friends.


The film will be playing in Malibu but it was too big of a trip to get out there. I've attatched some random links here--none all that important. Pictures by early next week!




April 05, 2006



Off to class...

April 03, 2006


Finally figured how to get some pictures up...

There is like hundreds but most of the pic files are too big. This weekend I am going to figure it out so that we can post them all up. For now just a couple from CINEQUEST (about a month ago).

Yagr and Andrew post Q and A

Dan and Yagr (my two buddies) at CINEQUEST


"Never Retire"

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - One in five older working Americans say they will never retire, whether out of financial need or to stay active and engaged, according to a study released on Monday.

Those who plan to keep working include a fifth of older workers who will be able to collect retirement benefits and roughly the same number of workers who have no such benefits like pensions, according to the survey of 2,719 U.S. residents between 55 and 70.

The study was conducted for the MetLife Mature Market Institute, part of insurance and financial group MetLife Inc.

Also among those who don't plan to retire are about 18 percent of respondents who retired and then re-entered the workforce, it said.

They tend to be people who experience a "year of euphoria" immediately after retirement but grow bored, said Sandra Timmerman, director of the Mature Market Institute.

"You begin to look at your life and think, 'What is life all about?" she said. "It's not one endless game of golf or a long vacation. Time becomes a more precious commodity."

The oldest workers were most likely to keep working to stay active and engaged and least likely to keep working out of financial necessity, the survey showed.

But 72 percent of the workers in the study aged 55 to 59 said they need the income to live on.

"Older workers are not as motivated by income but by meaning," said David DeLong, a consultant who helped conduct the study.

"There's a lot of desire to step off the stress treadmill," he said. "As you get older, money becomes less of a driver, even if it means cutting back on the lifestyle."

April 02, 2006

What Would Bill Do?

Gosh everyone continues to be very nice. Thanks to all of the film's supporters. We have been getting lots of emails about DVD's and where you can see the film. If you email qpjonah@hemiproductions.com we'll keep you posted on when it will be made available, how you can see it, etc. We are talking with various cable channels, theatrical comps, etc and news should be on the way... If it isn't we'll just send you a copy!

Lots of people ask how to take a hands on approach to helping senior citizens. With only your finger tips you can make a huge difference:


Check it out!

We're going to Providence this week. It should be fun to go to the big, bad, and bold Ivy League (Brown University). The movie plays at midnight which is like lunchtime for college kids so it should be exciting. We played in Sacramento yesterday but no word on how it went...Let us know...