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February 26, 2006

a good day on thursday


This was in Thursday's edition of Variety. Hope you all had a chance to get a copy.

February 24, 2006


So unfortunately we're not sure yet when the film will be playing in NY. Although in the next month or so we shoud hear if there is interest from a few festivals in NYC. Hopefully we can play here soon.

by 2030, it is projected that one in five people will be age 65 or older--that is a lot.

February 23, 2006


The following screening dates (most approx.) of Room 335:

Santa Barbara International Film Festival: In the books, baby.

CINEQUEST: Saturday, March, 4 12:30PM
Sunday, March 5 3:30PM

San Fernando Valley Int'l Film Festival: Friday, March 17 to Sunday, March 26

Phoneix Film Festival: Friday, March 24 to Tuesday, March 28th

Sarasota Film Festival: Friday, March 31 to Friday, April 7

Sacramento International Film Festival: Saturday, April 1 4:05 PM

April 8-10: TBA SOON!

February 22, 2006

San Fernando Valley

Happy to announce we have been invited to the San Fernando Valley Int'l Film Festival. Very exciting.

U.S. Seniors to increase 36 to 87 million by 2050.

-Senior Journal

February 20, 2006

Grey Gardens

"You...boys...have... comfortable shorts."

--Purple Mary during the blackout

I just saw Grey Gardens. Great film: more authentic version of the perks, consequences, lifestyles etc. involved with old age. I know its available on DVD. I am sure you can google it, or imdb it.

Jodi Review

Jodi Segal has written a wonderful review.


Check it out.

Just saw another film tonight, Bubble. Best boring movie ever.

Still working on the photos. Even put together a music video of sorts of the pix we took in Santa Barbara. It's funny. CINEQUEST in two weeks...

Our wonderful production assistants, Jon Jaeger (call him production manager) and the out of this world Daniel Zinn (lets go with line producer) are coming along for the beautiful San Jose.

February 18, 2006

My Name is Bill

Good Night, and Good Luck is worth the 10 bucks. Incredible.


Sacremento should be really exciting.

Thanks to those emailing the residents of Harbor Place.

Bill sees the website as more of a dating service than a promotional tool. And that's why we love him.

Pictures of Santa Barbara in the next few days. Hopefully some exciting news also...

February 17, 2006

This Isn't a Good Entry

"Twenty six states require that assisted living facilities employ or contract with nurses."

An audience member asked what I would do if the oppurtunity came to start my own assisted living facility. Before any Jenks Care Gardens is built, an interesting possibility would be to look at how government treats assisted living and it requirements, standards, etc.

February 16, 2006

Room 335 Loses Virginity

"Andrew Jenks, Room 335" has gotten its first review by FilmFestival.com !!! It's great, take a look:


the day Dick Cheney shot a 78 year old man

Check out STARZ everyday, all day. At some point the cable network is going to play a small--really small--bit about our film. Interview with me and Jonah at a SB red carpet event and some footage of the movie. It will be a short preview but if you're watching STARZ look out!

"The most rapid increases in the number of persons 85 years and over will occur between 2030 and 2050, when the baby-boom cohort reaches these ages. The cumulative growth of the population 85 years and over from 1995 to 2050 is expected to be over 400 percent, and the group should make up nearly 5 percent of the population in 2050 as compared with 1.4 percent today. These figures are drawn from the Bureau of the Census' middle series of projections."

February 15, 2006

Nude Beach

A blizzard hit NYC so we had no choice but to enjoy sunny California for a few more days. The mayhem caused this delay in blogging but there is now a steady internet connection so it's all good.

There is lots of fun things to write about and hopefully we can get to it all in the next few days. During our 10 day juant, Jonah and I met some incredible people including the very cool krissy, adam, and cevin. Parties, after-parties, and the last night in our own house created some serious bonding time. SB hooked it up so that we got our own place and had a ball! But the coolest expeirence was my first enjoyable nature trip (in my life): Krissy took me and Jonah to a secret field: tall grass, only a few trees, and really beautiful mountains. Straight out of Lord of the Rings, or some utopian garden. I am going to post some pix ASAP. There was small dirt paths that lead to, I have no idea where. But what really got us was what came at the end of the dirt-path we had followed: a massive, 200 foot or so steep cliff. A beach lay below. And the Pacific Ocean in front. From hundreds of feet above we had an incredible view of the ocean and all of its beauty. No sound--just waves and wind. Being an expert on life, and the SB area, Krissy knew of a cave (literally, a cave) that was about halfway down the cliff. It was a small inlet but we were able to climb down and lay on the white sand (in the middle of the freekin mountain!) and enjoy the view--even saw the occassional naked person below walking around. Completely natural. Fastest two hours of my life. And possibly some of the best.

The previous day, Sunday, we had learned that our flight was canceled. This happened just as our last screening was starting at 10:30. This screening was our last at SB, and also an added one that the programming department put in for us. Pretty much packed house which was awesome considering it was a real deal theater. Audience was once again out of this world. Q and A was a long one and some pretty thoughtful questions, such as "What would you do if you ran an assisted living facility?"

I am still thinking...

One audience member said it was the second time he had seen the film (had come Tuesday night) and he saw so much more than he had the first time. My mom has always said the same thing. One of those movies where the more you watch, the more you see, notice, realize. I don't know if that is a good thing or not. The after party ran late into the night and was a blast. Lots of alcohol. But I am 19, so I obviously don't drink. It is illegal. We then had some people over this house that we got. Probably made way too much noise...

What I loved most though was a 75 year old woman who saw the film and decided not to stay for the Q and A on Sunday. Instead, she screamed out loud "thank you. thank you for making the elderly look like people. we need this." Similar comments followed and that is what makes this all so special. Some people really connect to this film, and see its value, and that is the best part. We are also finally starting to get some emails to send to Tammy and the gang. You can do this on the website so please do so!! Bill already knows he is a star but it doesn't hurt to say what's up.

Lots more movie stuff later.

February 09, 2006

Ken Jennings

"We are the happy residents at Harbor Place. We have seen it all, we have done it all, we just can't remember it all!"
--Tammy Signorile

"All these girls around here and you can't do anything?"
--Bill (80) questioning Andrew during their last few days together at Harbor Place

"Ken Jennings (pause). He was the best."
--Everyone at Harbor Place

Older Americans Month

In May, the country will celebrate Older Americans Month with the theme of “Celebrate Long-Term Living.” To promote this year’s event older Americans and government agencies that serve them will join with the Administration on Aging on May 4 for a 30-minute walk on the National Mall in Washington DC.

--Senior Journal

February 08, 2006

What are you doing Sunday Morning?

Change in schedule:

Sunday. 10:30 AM. Metro. The last screening of "Andrew Jenks, Room 335" in the beautiful, sunny, and warm Santa Barbara. Please come.... It's a big theater so there will be plenty of room...

Beautiful, Very Beautiful

Another great screening. Almost packed the house! Ben Affleck's new movie was premiering but we weren't scared. Well, we were but it worked out. Audience was once again awesome, couldn't have gone better.

Our two screenings have been amazing. In fact, it has worked out so well that we have been given a third screening!!

Sunday at the Metro (a pretty big theater) at 1:15. All should come!!

This one's for Bill.

February 07, 2006

Tonight, You Should Come

Tonight at 9PM. Center Stage Theater. Please come!

---Twenty of the oldest 30 people in the world are from U.S. or Japan---

We have been meeting many people, everyone continues to be very nice. There is nothing concrete to really report. Lots of talk so hopefully that can translate to something. You can check out www.wireimage.com for some beautiful pictures of Jonah. Last night Jonah and I had a great time (J-man even gave the trailer to James Cameron). We hung out with some awesome festival workers till about 4AM. It really was a lot of fun. I also met my idol, Sam Seaborn (Rob Lowe).

Interesting lines here:
"The states with the highest percentage of senior citizens (65+) might surprise you. Well, not Florida, we all know they are number one. But, the next ten are not exactly your easy living, soak up the sun and surf type states...
2-pennsylvania 3-west virginia 4-north dakota 5-iowa 6-maine 7 south dakota
8-rhode island 9-arkansas 10-montana

We did get into the Phoenix Film Festival yesterday. So that is very cool.

I'll let you know how tonight goes later. We're going to go try and promote some more and then take it easy for a few hours before showtime.


February 06, 2006

World is Getting Old Fast

Dec. 7, 2005 - This century, the world is expected to experience an unprecedented aging of the human population in countries worldwide....Demographers predict that by mid-century, people age 65 and over will compose about 15 percent of the world’s population, up from about seven percent today.

-Voice Of America

February 05, 2006

Can't Find the Words

There is no way to explain how incredible our stay has been here at Santa Barbara. As you know, we have been star gazing for the past few days. Salma, George, and Naomi have come and gone, and we will miss them dearly. Tomorrow night is James Cameron-that should be awesome: not only a great director, but also a great actor (had an episode in Entourage, played himself, but still). The parties here have been really impressive. Two nights ago we partied with Christopher Lloyd, "Doctor Emmett Brown" from "Back to the Future". We are the youngest guys at these functions, but I think we like it better that way.

Will, who couldn't be here on account of jaw surgery, is working extremely hard out of New York to make up for our poor planning. He got us our promo post cards, and as I write this, he is trying to get us more DVD's for the press.

I want to take this moment to thank every single person that came to the premier yesterday - you guys all asked great questions. Also, I want to thank my grandmother for funding my trip out here. Jane Martin is a wonderful woman.

For those of you that saw the film yesterday, I beg you to do whatever you can to get the word out there. We have another screening on Tuesday at 9PM, and it would be great to have another full house.

Heading out to the pool to do homework.



The World Premiere for "Andrew Jenks, Room 335" was absolutely incredible. The audience was unbelievable. A line started to form about 40 minutes before show time, it was sold out, and even Henry Winkler, The Fonz (from happy days) himself, couldn't get in! And he was with his kids! Man, I would have given him my seat--I've seen the movie plenty of times. After the film, Jonah and I had a Q and A with the audience. Everyone was very enthusiastic about the film, and asked great questions. Afterwards, we took some pictures, even autographs, and really felt that our hard work was well worth it. Several said afterwards that they had cried in the theater for the first time in their life. Others said that they never have laughed harder. Tammy would have been very proud. Many stood and applauded as the credits rolled.

A few popular magazines approached us but I'd rather not say who because a.) I really don't know what they are planning on doing and b.) they might trash the movie and bragging about a national mag trashing the film would be, well, a bad idea.

We encourage everyone who saw the film yesterday to tell their friends and family so we can pack the theater Tuesday night. 9PM!! I am going to call up Bill, Tammy and the gang in a few hours and let them know how much everyone here in Cali loves them. They really are amazing people and deserve all of the attention and love that I saw last night from the audience members. They impacted my life greatly and to see their incredible personalities change the way people look at the elderly in our society is very rewarding.

I do want to thank everyone who came to Center Stage last night. It was really a memorable experience, one that Jonah and I will never forget.


February 04, 2006

Judgment Day

Hi All,

Hope the weekend is getting off to a good start.

So we're on our way now to the theater. The film premiers in a couple of hours and I ran to the hotel room to catch a breather, wash up, post a small message, etc. We're really excited. The film is out of our hands now so we can only hope the audience will like the movie--or even better, show up and pack the theater!

I have been getting emails, phone calls, etc from various friends and family and I just wanted to thank everyone for their support. We are so lucky to be here.

Jonah is going to give some fun gossip updates tomorrow and I will post how the screening went once I get the chance.

Game time!


February 03, 2006

Movies, Parties, Nice Weather

Santa Barbara is beautiful. The people are incredibly nice. Jonah and I walked around for a few hours yesterday, hanging out flyers, postcards, etc and everyone said they would try and come (even a few said they would make copies of the flyers and post them in their offices). Whether they come or not, it certainly is a step up from the middle finger we would get in NYC (nothing against NYC, of course). At night, Jonah and I walked down a red carpet (with about a hundred people held back by barrakades--Jonah is really quite the star). I guess Salma Hayek is a big deal. All in all, we're doing a pretty good 2 man job of promoting the movie--we've been on the morning show, and are leaving now for an intervew with insider santa barbara. I think word is spreading pretty well--a few people we met had heard of the film, even wanted autographs. We told them they must have the wrong people. Sure Jonah looks like Hugh Grant and all but still...

Now the important stuff: the film premieres tomorrow. 4PM. Center Stage Theater. Time to make Bill and Tammy proud. I am going to call them today and let them know about the big day. Jonah and I are wearing Bill Hawaii shirts in honor of the big guy. I called him a few days ago and we talked for a little bit. Jeopordy though came on and the conversation was postponed until today.

Films start today and then Clooney is tonight so we are excited. I have a feeling the films here are going to be pretty damn good so it'll be fun to go from film to film. We'll try and keep everyone posted. Maybe even get some pictures up here (I have a great one of Jonah lying on the red carpet last night).

Thanks for reading Mom,